“Grandma, do I have a good heart?” granddaughter asked her grandmother.

“You have wonderful and beautiful heart,” Grandma smiled and tenderly stroked granddaughter’s head.

“Grandma, but how can we know what heart of man is?” Granddaughter continued to ask. “How can I know is it good? How can I know there is no evil in the someone’s heart?”

“There is no evil hearts in this world,” Grandma thoughtfully said. “But there are hearts which have suffered from lots of pain.”

“Do lot of hearts in this world have suffered from pain?” granddaughter asked quietly.

“A lot of them, granddaughter. A lot,” grandmother said sadly.

“Does your heart also have lots of pain suffered, Granny?” granddaughter continued to ask.

Grandma smiled again. And after a moment she said: “No heart can be protected from pain in this world. But after pain experienced the heart can become more compassionate or heart can become very hard. If there is too much pain, heart can harden and then it feels nothing.”

“Will my heart stay hard also?” granddaughter asked.

“It depends only from you, my granddaughter, nobody else can affect it,” grandma with love looked at her little girl. “As long as you can feel love to everyone you meet and see in this world, it won’t become hard. And your heart will experience less pain then. You will realise that love is stronger than the pain. And that your little loving heart can heal the hearts which have been suffered from pains a lot”.

“Granny, but I do not know if I’ll be strong enough to stop the pain,” granddaughter said thoughtfully. “This requires great strength. I do not know if I have such strength inside of me!”

“No, granddaughter. Not strength is that what you need. Just LOVE,” the grandmother answered.

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