-Why people are afraid to be true? –

-They’re afraid to get misunderstood. They’re afraid from pain. Being true and real make people more vulnerable.-

-But pretending can hurt much more than being true!-

– People think that in this way they can protect themselves. It is supposedly easier. Sometimes people decide that it is the way how to protect another people as well. Sometimes people have been playing certain roles so long as they can’t  see anymore where is the truth and where – the pretence. They can’t feel the difference any more.-

-Pretence hurts human soul! –

-Pain of the soul is not easily noticed. These pains people can hide.-

-But soul feels the pain anyway!-

-Yes. It feels the pain anyway. –

-It would be much better to choose this one – I am a true always and everywhere? –

-Yes. Of course, it would be better. However, this requires a lot of courage.-

-Do all people are able to be courageous? –

-Yes. All people have courage. More or less. But they have.-

-Then why people do not choose it? –

– To experience being true means to meet not only longings and pains of human’s own soul. Being true means to feel other people’s souls longings and pains as well.-

-Not everyone can tolerate this experience?-

-All those people who have met their souls can tolerate this experience. But it does not mean, people will choose to do it.-

– But it is the only way the human soul can meet other people’s souls, isn’t? –

– Yes. Being true is the only way.-

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