My book ‘Let Your Soul Speak’ coming soon!

Hello to everyone! 🙂 Sorry for not writing here for so long time. I will try to make a post once a week starting from today. 😉 I was quite busy, as I finally finished my book ‘Let your soul speak’. Now I am translating it to English (from Latvian) and as soon as it will be translated […]

Why do we hurt each other? Why do we hurt the ones we love?

Tonight I have quite a serious issue to talk about. And the question is – why do we cause pain each to another,  why do we hurt the ones we love? Why instead of this – simply to love them, we choose this – to hurt them? Yes, our life, our choices, but nevertheless.. Why […]

The sky is awake

I beg with my soul – tonight please be silent at all listen .. Can you hear? Souls are talking and silence is not so quiet and silence is not SO one souls are talking the sky is awake And embracing souls wrapped each other in star cloaks for hours TACITLY talk How can so […]

About hearts overcoming the pain

“Grandma, do I have a good heart?” granddaughter asked her grandmother. “You have wonderful and beautiful heart,” Grandma smiled and tenderly stroked granddaughter’s head. “Grandma, but how can we know what heart of man is?” Granddaughter continued to ask. “How can I know is it good? How can I know there is no evil in […]