Hello to everyone! 🙂

Sorry for not writing here for so long time. I will try to make a post once a week starting from today. 😉

I was quite busy, as I finally finished my book ‘Let your soul speak’. Now I am translating it to English (from Latvian) and as soon as it will be translated I will publish it here also 🙂 Hope to do this till these Christmas!

It is an unusual book. It is a conversation with God living within me.  The entire book was written in a very short term — without analyzing. Questions were simply asked and then answers were written to each of them. 

Let me explain- how it started.

Last summer I was completely confused about everything. It was a difficult time. Some of the things that were confusing included questions about my regular job, my family, and about my future. I didn’t know what the universe expected of me. In short, I was confused about everything in my life. I decided to write a letter to God. 

I did not plan to write a book. Just a small letter with all my emotions about what I was going through in this life and my deep disappointment with everything. “God, please help me to understand why I have been born in this world” was the main plea of this letter. 

What was most surprising is that it seemed like God was answering – through me. I was asking a lot of questions about everything — and I was really getting answers…to every question asked. It felt truly sincere from the universe. A hundred pages of conversation was the result. But I did not finish it last year. I didn’t want to risk enduring ridicule.

However one year later – or in this summer – I realised I would like to share with it. It could be very useful for someone else.. And I did something crazy –  I quit my fixed-term job and returned back to the writing of this book… There were people who said – “You are crazy? How you will live? Despite all recommendations of my friends – I quit from this job. And I finished this book on 7July this year.

And after it I experienced something very, very strange.. Somehow in my hands came the book of Neal Donald Walsch “Conversation with God”. I did not know anything about this book previously. I read it. And was.. shocked! The answers are very common. How it is possible?! I do not know the author. I live in Latvia. He lives in USA. But conversation with GOD… so similar answers..   Unbelievable.

Then I realised – IT IS NOT JUST A BOOK FOR ME – and the book “Let your soul to speak” could help people who are looking for answers. It is valuable. This book can help you to meet You again. To help to return back to your soul. To stop running to NOWHERE.. To feel priorities of your life. To feel priorities of your.. SOUL.

This is why I believe it should be translated into English, to make it possible to read it not only in my country but for English-speaking people across many nations.

I plan to translate it before Christmas of 2016 – as the one of the book’s title also is – “Book on Christmas”.

Why am I trying to raise $15,000 in Generosity.com? I need one year to write and edit. I need to finish the translation and to write the next book for you – Part II for the Conversation with God living in me – and the conversation that I know is living within you.

It would be grateful if you could share this link below via Facebook. Who knows? Maybe I will be noticed at some moment. Wonders happen!

Here is the link: https://www.generosity.com/fundraising/dace-s-book-let-your-soul-to-speak–2/x/14727600

Nevertheless I will keep writing.

And hope the topics you find in this blog will be useful for You also! 🙂


Best regards,

Dace Pavlovica

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