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Tonight I would like to talk about this: our ability to be a true, real and unfeigned. Not to do it by half. But be fully true each second of our life. Join in everything we do with our heart and soul. And do nothing, nothing in this life just by half.

Not enjoy by half, not love by half (whether we love or we do not), partly forgive, it is impossible to be half-true because there are just two choices – being true or being not true, in fact we can not do anything halfway. Either we rejoice or not rejoice. Or we can forgive or not to forgive. Either we can be real either choose to live in mendacity.

We have to be true. It is so necessary for our souls! No pretence, no lies, just being true.. And we should not to make a choice to live a warmish life. To live just by half.

So what is the main reason that is preventing us of being true to ourselves and other people? FEAR. That’s it. Fear and only fear. Yes, again the same. Old, sweet, good fear urchins. These are fear of pain, fear from frustration, fear that we will not accord to other people’s expectations about ourselves… It is quite possible that we thoroughly endeavour to keep alive conceptions about ourselves as well.  Why it is so? Behind the mask it is always easier to hide. Supposedly easier. But – if  we  are hiding, then we can not truly to meet other people. And how could we do it if we can not meet even ourselves?

I remember that in the moment of creation this blog, I was asked: “Hey, are you not afraid? Take a pseudonym! Hide yourself! It will be easier for you!” And I replied: “I will not be able to meet other people souls by hiding one of mine. If I want to meet , truly meet with others, I have to be absolutely true and real by myself also.” And even now occasionally there is fear in me, but fear can always be overcome. If you allow your fear to lead your life, you will not experience nothing more about lukewarm life. Maybe I am wrong.  I don’t know. That is my inner feeling.

So let’s see – how long will we live?

Yes, it is true – nobody of us actually know how long our life is going to be. But there is one common feature for all our lives– our life will not be infinitely long..

If we could remember this every day, I am sure that many things then we would do quite differently. And it is quite reliable that we would make choice in behalf on life that is lived by us to the depths of our soul string. That life where the souls can meet each other.

We would not ever do the pain for ourselves. Either for others not. And would be real in everything. And would not be afraid any more that our choice for someone may not like.

Nothing, absolutely nothing in this life is offered with guarantees. Job today does not mean the same job tomorrow. Marriage today does not mean the marriage tomorrow. Being alone today does not mean loneliness tomorrow. Being healthy today does not protect from getting ill tomorrow. My friend once said, “There are two things both in this life with a guarantee – birth and going away. For the rest – there is no  guarantee at all. So live and enjoy every moment of your life!”

But to be able to do it – we have to be real and true. Being true means self-realization. It is so important to understand what exactly you want experience in this life? What do you miss? What can you do to change it? And do it – right NOW. Not to afraid from incomprehension. It could be so –  perhaps others feels very convenient that you live just by half.

Live by half if life is not infinitely long? And completely sacrifice all of your dreams? Yes, we can do this. However, it would be good if there were the answer also – what for ..?

Stereotypes could be considerable arguments, however, nothing quite nothing in this life should be done just because ‘you must..’.. If this ‘you must’ is able to make us happy – then everything is OK. But what if not? What if the path we are going, leads further and further away you from you? Who will be the one who will bring us back to ourselves? No one else can do it for us. Just we.

Live for this moment! Do not postpone to the time later. What if there will be NO TIME later..?

Listen to your soul and you will never make incorrect choices. And it is the only way to really meet ourselves. And then we can meet people besides us. Without masques. Real. Alive. And true.

We are so wonderful when we remove these masks. And decide do nothing by half, refusing from lukewarm life. We should not live the life others expect us to live. We have to live our own lives. And through what we do and how we live, we will be able to caress our souls. And to touch the souls of people surrounding us also.

Be true in everything you do 😉

With love,


P.s. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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